Get the shy girl off the stage – what it’s like being an introvert singer

I have a confession to make. Though I am super chatty and communicative, I am a total introvert.

I decided to write a blog entry about what it`s like to be an introvert singer. First – Let’s put some facts together.

Do you consider yourself as an introvert person? You are in great company. Many celebrities are (or were) introvert personalities. There are for example Audrey Hepburn, Elton John, Lady Gaga – just to mention a few (Dreher, 2007).

Do we as introvert people need to fake it till we make it? That would be difficult and stressful. McDowell et al.(2012) explain, that the world needs more introverts.

Shyness often is a coincidence, but nothing that defines the introvert person. Susan Cain defines introversion in her bestseller „World can`t stop talking“ as a preference for environments, that are not overstimulation. Introversion people do not lack of social skills, they do have amazing social skills, but they need solitude and quite time.

There a social studies that show, that introvert personens make great leader personalities.

Introvert personalities like to share credit and are not motivated by being in the center of attention.

Introverts can be a much needed calming presence. The art of listening outweighs the art of speaking. It´s not always all about being a charismatic personality, but about bringing out the best in people (Smart, /).

I put together some tools for the introvert singer:

Establish a Pre-Gig Routine: Warm up, do your vocal exercises, meditate, do some yoga, take your quiet time instead of chatting with everyone around

Don`t blame yourself for feeling nervous

• Don`t fake it til you make it. Your voice should reflect who you are

Practice staying in the moment. This might be possible through Meditation. Remember, introverts get energy from within themselves, extroverts get their energy from other people.

Practice your Body-mind connection: do exercises to feel confident within yourself and your body. Use your posture to support your performance.

Breath – breath even into performance fear

Learn about performance. I recommand Merybeth Daymes Book – Presence, Confidence and Personal Power.

Take your time to recharge.

Preparation is everything.

The people in the audience want you to succeed! People going to concerts want to be entertained. They are on your side, they want you to do a great performance. They are there to support you. Probably, there are plenty of introvert people in the audience.

Consider the advantages of being an introvert singer. Singing is not all about being on stage. It`s practice, preparing songs, study scores, recording, translating. Introverts might enjoy sinking into their notes more than extroverts. There are so many options to get creative with your singing off stage. You can rehearse or record your songs. And when you finally are on stage, consider the following. There is a mental zone, where performers keep the soul of their art and where there are not focused on the world around them. Some people call it flow.

I recently had a concert which i felt pretty nervous about. I was hiding in the the ladies room and practicing some SOVTEs. A women my mums age entered and asked me if I was okay. I told her about suffering from allergies and just feeling nervouse and unconfidened about the concert. She just said „It´s all fine. Just enjoy yourself. You got this girl.“

My conclusion? Get that shy girl on stage! And for all you introvert singers out there:

You got this, girl!

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