Sing for nature – Singing and Climate change

For this article I assume that we all agree on the fact, that the man-made climate change is evident.

What can we as musicians and singers do to raise awareness about climate change and nature protection?

As many of you might have already recognized my choir and me started a project where we planted a tree for every choir member.

As a student choir, we have been committed to climate protection since the foundation of the choir. The latest developments in the forests of the Amazon have given the topic a new significance. Singing and climate protection do not seem to have anything to do with each other at first glance. However, art has been training people to become critical thinkers for centuries. Music inspires people to think and act in a humanitarian and cosmopolitan way. We have therefore decided to plant a tree for each member of our choir.

We want to inspire other choirs to do the same.

Our approach was a ver practical one.

In September I visited the course “climate change and choral music” by Saul Zaks. Saul is a argentinian music professor and conductor who now lives in denmark.

I am grateful that he has given me permission to write about his inspiring world views and his thoughts and approaches to protect nature in this blog.

Zaks began his course with the introduction, that we as humans are part of the nature. While the climate change is happening we can see similar mechanisms and things happening in human society.

People need to find their connection to nature again. For many composers over all ages the feeling that nature awakes in us was an inspiration to create music. Music transmittes feelings and these feelings are transmitted towards people. If these feelings are related to music we can be transmitting the love for nature to people.

Music can be used for more than just performing music. It awakes feelings and kicks feelings out. In that way we as musicians can make people aware how important music is for us. We can catch nature in composing and in words. Starting from a feeling, from a text, from a melody we can start to create.

This shouldn’t be limited to classical music. How great would it be to listen to Rock, Jazz, Metal or Soul Music about Mother Nature?

As singers we often use visualizations to perform certain sounds or put a specific timbre in our voice. Maybe we should visualize the beauty of nature more often while singing.